“Wherever there is a human being, there is an opportunity for kindness.”  Be kind to one another.  Embrace our emense differences and envelope your soul with loving kindness.

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Simple Treasures


Travel moves my soul.  It makes me feel alive.  It helps me to gain perspective on our big wide world.  I desire travel like I desire my children’s happiness.  The mountains call to me, the beach beckons, faraway lands whisper for me to explore.  The path that was not taken will always be my favorite passage.  I want to stumble through snow in July and trudge through the tropics in February.  I want to venture to the top of the next ridge and look over an unexplored valley.  I need to board a train with no particular destination in mind. 

On this day I wish you happiness, inner peace and a sense of adventure in all you do.  Even if travel is not your inspiration, enjoy the simple treasures around you.  They abound even when life is crashing over you, there will always be a blessing for you.  Look closely and enjoy the day.

Travel well my friends.

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Autumn Travels


Serenity fills my heart as I look over the valleys. I am on the road again. It feels good, it feels right, like I am at home. My TV reception is the ever changing vista out my window. The fridge is icy cold and within my reach. The sun shines in on my shoulder, warming my skin. A calm has come over the vehicle, sleeping teenagers help.

Autumn has swept over the countryside. Fields are turning a yellowish green with a dusting of brown. Sunflowers, Goldenrod, and Black Eyed Susans are in full bloom, dotting the hills with bright yellow patches. This beautiful season has just begun and I feel refreshed. The cooler temperatures beckoned me to leave my air-conditioned home for one more family adventure in the great outdoors. Friends, gatherings, relaxation and adventure await when we arrive. Until then I will enjoy the journey in all it’s splendor!

Where will your travels take you? Are you dreaming of tropical beaches to stretch your toes in the sand or the powder of freshly fallen snow, enticing you to play? 2015 promises to be an extraordinary year at Soul Experiences . From one day excursions to winter weeklong escapes, we look forward to hearing from each of you about your travel desires and accomplishments!

Travel well my friends!

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Travel Teaser

Originally posted on Soul Experiences :

Brochures, fliers, posters, invading your dreams. Pop-ups, e-mails, social media posts, inundating your technology. The world is calling to come and explore. There is never a perfect time, the time is now. There is always something around the next corner. Snowflakes on you cheeks in Norway. Saltwater on your toes in Australia. Your breath caught inside your throat at the first sight of an ancient Aztec temple. Your pride over flowing as you stride in historic footsteps. The reasons to trod in new places are many. Feel the breeze off the Sahara Desert. Taste the exotic flavors of far away hillsides. Listen to the buzz of Tokyo Japan.

My travel lists are growing longer the more I travel. I check off one site, just to learn of three new “must see” sites. That is fine with me I will add more lines to my list and keep on traveling.  Soul…

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Tiny Autumn Leaf

Tiny Autumn leaf

No matter how small you are you can still be spectacular!

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The calm of the early morning hours in my home are some of the most reflective moments I have in a day. Not the scramble of waking teenagers or the preparing for the day but the dark quiet time before the day really begins.
My alarm is the first to sound in the dark of the morning, waking me to a groggy wakefulness that I am sure resembles the ambling of the living dead. Soon my zombie like stumbling straightens out and I am more human, if still groggy. This time of moving through the quiet of my home I feel peaceful. I usually sit in my sunroom, wrapped up in a blanket, either reading or writing.
I look deep within myself in these precious minutes, searching for inspiration to guide my day. It is a time for my soul to refresh. These few soulful moments help to guide my day and focus my heart in all I do. Then, the days “to-do-list” starts running through my mind, a never ending barrage of chores, and I know my day is officially beginning.
Let the calm of your thoughts help refresh your soul and guide you in all you do.

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Halloween Anticipation


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